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There is a popular misconception here in Syracuse that there is not enough sunlight to make solar profitable in Central New York. The answer is YES there is enough sunlight for to make solar profitable. Syracuse does rather well when it comes to the amount of sunlight we get. Hold on. I know what your thinking. Yes we have gloomy months. November and December are down right oppressive, January is not much better. Repayment What most people dont know is that once we get into February the amount of daily sunlight doubles and as a bonus, Solar panels are much more efficient when the weather get cold and we all know we have plenty of cold weather. The Gloomy months of November and December taint our view of how much sunlight we actually get. Central New York typically does very well late February through late October. In the summer months typical homes will produce excess amounts of energy creating credits to carry over to the next months. In the early fall and spring offsetting most of your electrical usage, and in the winter your solar system will offset a great deal of your electricity usage. The graph to the right shows an example of a local installation and what kind of savings they will experience over the next 20 years. Most of Syracuse pays National Grid an average of 15 cents per kwh. National Grid customers pay over 15 cents per hour. This past winter prices peaked to over 16 cents per kwh just for supply not to mention the National Gird’s delivery cost. Solar systems have the advantage of a low and consistent rate that never rises like Utility prices. Solar system can have as low as 3 cents a kwh price with as little as a 6 year pay back. We at Syracuse Solar and Wind will be blunt and honest about your ability to save money. We believe that it is better to tell a customer that they have too many trees or have to little space or that their home faces the wrong direction than take their money and have an unhappy customer.

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Syracuse Solar and Wind Professional Installers of solar panels servicing all of New York. We are NABCEP certified and NYSERDA approved solar panel installers since 2003. We guarantee that we can meet or beat any competitors prices.
Syracuse Solar and Wind offers great financing plans for installing solar panels on your home or business including plans for customers that do not have a large down payment. We can use your NYSERDA Grant for your down payment and spread out the payments for up to 20 years. Syracuse Solar and Wind completes solar installations all over the state. We have systems in Fayettville, Liverpool, North Syracuse, Cicero, Oswego, Cazenovia, Camillius, Syracuse, Baldwinsville, Solvay, Weedsport and as far as Kingston and Dunkirk NY. Experience in residential, commercial and municipal solar installation including flat roofs to glued on solar panels.